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  As some of you may have discovered, my work is in relatively high demand and hard to come by most of the time. And, much to my bewilderment, my success has not been because of my bubbly and easy-going personality. I thought for sure I had the nation's Mr Congeniality award sewn up for this year. I even figured that since they are handing out the Nobel to those who haven’t done anything to earn one that maybe I had a chance at one of those too. Maybe not…! The reason my stuff is in demand is because I turn out some good work for a fair price.

   I get a bigger kick out of letting other folks toot my horn than doing it myself, so you won’t really find a lot of self aggrandizing throughout this site on my part. I’m more into - humble. Requests for my autograph are accepted and are priced at a bargain. Batch signatures require a little time to put together.   

  If you do not catch my sense of humor, I'm sorry.                But...                 too bad!
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