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Let’s start this interesting segment with a definition from any old handy-dandy dictionary, OK?

Char·la·tan  aka  gugi

- noun

a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses;

I think an addendum needs to be made for this definition to include -  a person who presents his viewpoint  while talking out of his ass and having the expectation that he is to be believed merely because he is a moderator on a shaving forum and has been “thanked” 700 times. Like, I’m impressed!

What pisses me off most about Mr. gugi is that he thinks someone has appointed him as my ghostwriter or spokesman or something. Not only is he almost always wrong when he decides to put words in my mouth, he apparently thinks he garners credibility tokens by assigning my name to the things he pretends to know about. His knowledge base does not come from hands-on experience as far as I can tell... He merely regurgitates things found on the Internet and from things that other people say... Even when it happens to be wrong.

Shortly, I will direct you to a conversational thread on a forum in which I used to participate. There are a ton, and I mean a ton, of good folks there and you can get a lot of good information from the site. IMMostHO, however, it’s the likes of the gugi’s and bully’s like Glen who provide most of the informational hogwash and inaccurate meanderings. They don’t do it all the time, but they do it often enough that the things they talk about aren’t always credible. My take, no matter how good or bad you are, if you don’t know something, either say so or keep your mouth shut... Don’t just flap your gums for the attention. I don’t think either of them have learned this yet.  

I will set the storyline up for you for this rant of mine. At the outset, a young man asked the valid question involving the difference between a “French point” razor and an “Irish point” razor. Pretty straightforward question with an easy answer... Easy for the dedicated student of straight razor history, anyway. The answer, short and sweet:

There is no such thing as a point commonly referred to as a “French point” razor. The term was invented there on srp. No big deal that the boys there got it wrong. But, they are wrong. Reminds me of another word invention of theirs... “Toe

You will recognize gugi’s post by noticing the picture of mine that he posted without permission or any  possible regard to copyright infringement. (He added a cute note to the picture in protest, obviously after seeing that I made him a star on this page. Seems to me it’s always been common practice to give credit for a photo when it’s taken from another source ... HE doesn’t quite know why.) I’m a bit used to that sort of stuff, and I’ll survive. Go ahead and check the thread out in a new window that will generate from this link and you can come back when you are done. It’s like the blind leading the blind, for cryin’ out loud. Here it is.

This is the part that frosted my ass! I quote him, “I think Bill Ellis was the one who relatively recently decided to name a point design he was making as 'Irish', so this isn't very established terminology.”

Excuse me? Relatively recently? Decided to name? Isn’t very established? Seriously? Seriously.

One of the sad things is that there will be a whole gaggle of guys on a good site who know no better and will probably think, “Right on, gugi. You de man! We would never learn anything without you. *OK, now. Where’s that “thank you” button. There it is. “THANKS GUGI!”  

While the misinformation in gugi’s statement could be considered minor, it’s still something I did not do and did not say. It’s still incorrect, and it’s still merely one of his continual efforts to defame rather than merely provide useful information. As you can see by the generation of his incorrect statement, it drew out the vigilante mentality in several of his lemmings.

Y’know, if a person doesn’t like me... I’m genuinely sorry. I don’t look for it, but I won’t blow smoke up someone’s butt merely to be considered a friend or a good guy. If someone doesn’t like me, they were probably an Obama voter anyway, and I’ll just have to get along in life without their endorsements. My only request is, if you want to dislike me, do it with accurate information and not predicate it on BS from a charlatan. A good friend of mine, and a name the entire shaving community knows, refers to gugi as 10 pounds of poop in an 8-pound bag.    

Y’see, gugi has made a point over the years to interject his “wisdom” in ways that challenges things I have shared on several forums regarding straight razors for no other apparent reason than to attempt to discredit my contribution to impress the minions on a shaving forum. I get the impression that he thinks it will make his penis bigger or something. I hate to be the one to tell him that it won’t. A perfect example of his inflated intellect can be found in this thread. Since he’s not a moderator at B&B, he can no longer change his words around like he does at srp. You will notice a companion charlatan there who goes by GsSixgun. I’ll give him a page of his own shortly. This time he won’t have a clueless moderator around to protect him.

Now to address gugi’s asinine comment: I have been making razors for almost as long as knives. That would be 1991. I have made straight razors a serious hobby for many years that now includes over 2,000 pieces. I guess that could be mistaken for recent. Most importantly, I did not “decide” to name a new straight razor point, “Irish”. *Rolling eyes*. It’s been a term that’s been around for a very long time. It is referenced in many books that actually have to be read and not found on Wiki or a search engine on the Internet, the primary source for his apparent intellectual abilities.

The fact that the information is actually in books could very well be the reason Mr Knowledge hasn’t run across it yet. Just one of the references to an “Irish” point  (sloped/oblique are additional acceptable terms)  is found on page 21 in the book Getting to Know Your Straight Razors by Phillip Krumholz. This book is still available, by the way, and I highly recommend that you get a copy. Of all 7 of my books on straight razors, I never saw written reference to “French point”... Not once! Where you see reference to “French point” is on srp and residual sites that have merely regurgitated information gleaned from there. I have even mistakenly used the term, myself. Like I said, it’s not that big of a deal...

“If misinformation is repeated often enough, sooner or later, it becomes the truth.”

- unknown

I just really felt it was necessary to illustrate how gugi does this kind of crap on a continual basis and presents his BS with a convoluted spin as being an accurate declaration... (pause) When pigs fly. A word of warning. Be more wary of his comments as his words start getting bigger. He has a tendency to use them as a smokescreen to cover up for his lack of knowledge.

Instead of naming a razor part,as accused, I have instead decided to assign a name to an award for straight razor dis-information. You know how the movie industry has the razzberry awards? Well, I want to start the “dingleberry” award to highlight deliberate indifference to the truth. Come get your dingleberry, there, gugi. You are so deserving...

A piece of advice both gugi and Glen may want to consider would be to just leave me alone. I don’t read their drivel, don’t care what they have to offer, and I don’t browse srp much anymore because of the likes of these two. However, I have my own set of minions that notify me when they start talking smack. I’m here to say that I will NOT let it slide any longer and it will no longer be tolerated by those two or ANYONE else on that site.  I’m fed up with their fabrications and piss ant little darts being thrown, with their perception of clever innuendo, in my direction. I could give a rat’s ass what any of their motifs would be.  If it continues, I will be happy to spend some time dissecting everything they say that is incorrect and be willing to shout it to the world on pages like this in the same loving format as I have here. Normally, these two have done a very good job at making themselves look stupid on a semi-regular basis, but if they keep messing with me, I’m going to make it my mission to point out the stupidity on their behalf.