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So, if your razor doesn't look like that, find different words to describe it. Potential bidders are more likely to bid if you are being truthful. Whereas you may fool a new collector with deceptive wording, you are missing out on a herd of other users who may bid if you are straight up with them... and... they will come back. You will only burn them once.

Here are some examples of pics in which the seller says they have mint razors. Is this not embarrassing or what?
This razor would be considered to be in  FAIR  condition...

It has minor rust, it is stained, it has an uneven cutting edge, there is excessive and uneven hone wear at the top of the spine, and it has an excellent set of scales.
This guy even gave an 85% level of MINT. Yuh! Right on, buckeroo.
Taking a blurry picture to cover up the heavy hone wear will not transform this junker into MINT
Seller called this POS a MINT razor...
                                                 ... puhleeze
Same seller... Same blurry picture...
Now you need to be bitch slapped.
The scales on this razor are not ivory. They are carved cow bone. More likely than not - the shin bone
Finally, don’t say you think this razor was made this way because the arch is so symmetrical and it was probably used to shave around a mustache. I swear, a lady actually said that on an auction.