This is a plain set of 1/8th inch scales with lacewood for material. They will accommodate all but the very large blades. You will have to do most of the work yourself as they are only cut to profile. That means you will have to round the edges and tune in the profile to your own specs, sand them and put the finish of your choice on them.
They are are very light weight. While they do not need liners at this thickness, they still may need a CA finish to protect them from damage as they can be prone to dents from daily use. These make nice scales with that CA finish that I recommend. The pivot pin has been drilled. A basic sketch will be included for you to see how I determine where to drill the back pin. You will also have to make your own wedge.

What you see is the exact set of scales that you will receive after purchase

Shipping on these to US addresses is $3