By my own definition, I am merely saying that these are the things that tick me off! I’m not saying that you have to agree with me. I’m also not trying to convince anyone to rally behind me for any kind of action. I am merely presenting my side of irritating situations by telling it as I see it without regard to any political correctness. It’s a way for me to get stuff off my chest to diffuse some anger. Some folks just piss me off!

  Here, my words cannot be deleted by an over-sensitive moderator who sides with the girly-man who whines about my response to an Internet discussion. Public admonitions seem to always revolve around accusations of not being a gentleman. Insults thrown in my direction by innuendo is ok with these folks, apparently, but direct caustic repartee seems to put tears in their eyes and they immediately run to a mod for help.

I wouldn’t say anything here that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Below you will find a link to one of the offerings I made on B&B. I have a lengthy tirade in mind in response to that thread. It’s in the works... Stay tuned. In the meantime, it’s pretty obvious a couple someone’s need to be told what time it is.  
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