What a dandy little hand grenade, as I refer to it. This was more of a restoration rather than a new brush. I replaced the original knot with finest silvertip badger hair. The loft is 47mm and the base is 25mm. It is very heavy, hence… hand grenade. It tips the scales at 4.4 ounces with a total height of 3 1/8th inches. Don’t call it your “stubby” so as not to open yourself up to embarrassing repartee from your fellow shaving buddies. It is easily one of my favorite offerings here on these pages. The one picture on the lower left shows the relative height to a brush of more normal size.
I was going to engrave it, but it’s too hard. I have no idea what it is made of, but it will definitely not break if you drop it. The tile floor or countertop it lands on may be a different story altogether. It was also originally larger and came in two parts. It looked more like the brush SB 5 with the collar on the upper portion of the handle. I just thought it looked so much better in a short configuration.